Design Daily: Stan Bitters’ Modern Primitive Ceramics at Heath


California ceramicist Stan Bitters has been sculpting his singular style of earthy, architectural artwork for more than six decades. And despite being able to spot the 78-year-old’s work everywhere from your hippie parents’ backyard to the Commune-designed Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, fans have not had the opportunity to enjoy a solo show by the artist in nearly 35 years. But now the Bay Area faithful can head to Heath Ceramics to check out Stan Bitters: Modern Primitive through June 30. 

Staged in the San Francisco factory’s industrial Boiler Room, the exhibit showcases the expansive range of Bitters’ work, which includes birdhouses, handing lanterns, mounted sculptures and large- and small-scale murals. Everything in the exhibit is for sale, but falling in love with a Bitters piece might be bitter indeed—a 37-by-31-inch mural will set you back $14,000. Luckily, there are quite a few affordable items, such as the carved pendant lanterns ($600) and colorful birdhouses ($250). Check out a few of our favorites, below. 

Medallion in metalized rust, $18,000

Monolith in green, $20,000

Mural, 37″ x 31″, $14,000

Birdhouses, from $250

Hanging lantern, from $600

Catch Stan Bitters: Modern Primitive through June 30 at the Heath Ceramics factory in San Francisco’s Portrero Hill; Heath San Francisco Boiler Room, 2900 18th St., San Francisco, 415-361-5552 x50, Wednesday through Saturday, 12–3 pm, and by appointment. 

The Heath San Francisco Boiler Room hosts the first Stan Bitters show in 35 years.

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