Design Daily: The Moop Chicken Coop


A lot of folks are taking the farm to table practice seriously by gardening and keeping chickens in their own backyards. And for those wanting to do it in style, we introduce The Moop.  

Designed by San Francisco-based architecture firm nottoscale, The Moop is a modern chicken coop. For the design of the Moop, nottoscale incorporated principles from modern and prefab architecture and translated them into a smaller scale to produce a contemporary home for today’s design-minded chickens.

The Moop is compact enough to fit in most backyards while being chic enough to make any chicken happy and every owner proud. A unique modular system combines a chicken coop and integrated runs that can be configured in multiple ways. Each run fits underneath cantilevering nesting boxes to maximize space while minimizing the overall footprint. It is spacious enough for four hens and can be outfitted with either one or two runs.

The Moop is made of exterior grade plywood and redwood strips, which create a ventilated screen around the nesting boxes and seamlessly transition into a solid roof that protects the inhabitants from the elements. The whole thing comes as a flat-pack that is easy to assemble with minimum skills and tools.

See? It’s easier than you thought to gather eggs from the yard.



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