Design Daily: Cerno LED Lighting


Energy-efficient LEDs have taken the lighting world by storm, but until recently you couldn’t find LED fixtures at the style level most California homeowners and designers seek. 

One company that’s helping to change that is Cerno. Based in Irvine, the company’s name comes from the Latin verb for resolve. The five-year-old industrial design firm has clearly resolved the challenge of bedside lighting that’s versatile, doesn’t take up nightstand space, saves energy and looks great. 

All three sconces – Cubo, Levo and Libri – blend walnut with aluminum and white polymer shades for an interesting warm-cool visual blend. The larger Cubo and Levo have jointed arms that hide behind the shade when not extended for close-up use.

The compact Libri is a task-only light that turns on just by pulling out its arm. When you move it back to the wall (or your headboard, depending on how you installed it), the light goes off.  

Cerno also makes LED floor lamps and ceiling lights. Their pendants are ideal for helping new construction and remodeling projects comply with Title 24, the state’s strict new codes that mandate that at least half of a kitchen’s lighting be high-efficacy.

Tying into the popular customization trend, your professional designer can also design an LED lamp or fixture for Cerno to manufacture that would be uniquely yours. But, you would be hard-pressed to come up with one sleeker or more stylish than the ones they’re already creating. 

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS is a Certified Kitchen Designer in San Diego and the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work (Taunton Press). 


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