Design Daily: Axor Debuts Innovative Shower Lamp


Shower lighting is typically basic and, at best, unseen but functional. That’s about to change with the arrival of Axor’s WaterDream with Nendo. Nendo is a Japanese design studio headed by Oki Sato. Axor is the designer brand of Hansgrohe, which partners with creatives around the world like Sato, Philippe Starck and others to develop unique new design concepts. The Shower Lamp is certainly that, and emerges from Axor’s latest WaterDream concept series.

As its name implies, it is both a shower light and shower head. I first spotted it at Italy’s Cersaie design expo last year, where the European design community enthusiastically greeted its introduction. 

There’s always room for innovation in the kitchen and bath sector, especially when giving a traditionally humdrum element new superpowers and super style. If you haven’t been paying attention, industrial chic has gained serious traction in the design world lately. Truthfully, though, it never really went out of style since being introduced to the residential world with loft conversions decades ago. It just gets buried from time to time under an avalanche of grandeur. 

This fixture would feel perfectly at home in a loft home’s master bath, but it can also shine in a more traditional, if somewhat eclectic, bathroom. 

Seen first in the US at WantedDesign 2014, a New York City design fair, then at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, the collection will officially launch here next year. It will be named Axor ShowerProducts by Nendo and will feature just two models, a ceiling- and wall-mounted Shower Lamp. 

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS is a Certified Kitchen Designer in San Diego and the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work (Taunton Press)





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