Geoffrey De Sousa Dishes on our Pick for Website of the Month – Previously Owned by a Gay Man


 We recently caught up with one of California’s most treasured designers, Geoffrey De Sousa, who is lending his impecable taste as Chief Curator to new etailer Previously Owned by a Gay Man

1-    Clearly the name is going to attract attention…how has it been perceived thus far?

So far the name has been a huge hit! We are constantly hearing “ Why didn’t I think of that”. The name alone has brought us wonderful press including some reality TV interest.


2-    What encouraged you to become a partner in an ecommerce business?

 Honestly, it was the name that I just loved coupled with the passion of co-founders Michele Hofherr & Lindsay Snyder. How could I resist being “THE” gay for such a fun concept?


3-    We love the hillarious promotional video, is video content an integral part of your marketing strategy?

We wanted the video to say several things….

  • It had to be humorous and play off the tongue and cheek name.
  • We wanted to let people know this is a site for everyone as decorating should be fun regardless of gender or sexual preference. 
  • And of course that we sell pretty things!!


4-    How does your team vet the sellers and their valuables?

We preview every piece that comes on the site. The curatorial perspective is to show interesting pieces that fall in an array of price points.


5-    Can a heterosexual man sell on the site?

Absolutely not! I am kidding…hehehehehe  of course. This is a straight-friendly community that doesn’t discriminate against chic furniture even if it has a lurid past. 


6-    Do you have partnerships formed with any LGBT Nonprofits?

At this point we are just getting off the ground and have spoken about different areas for us to support. When ready, we will select charity partners that are close to our hearts not necessarily focused gay or straight issues. 


7-    Do you plan to open up the apparel category?

That has come up in conversation. We can see with our current success, categories will have to expand in the months to come.  Clothing, textiles or even jewelry….perhaps rings worn by Liberace! 


8-    What are your 5 favorite items currently on the site? 

Custom Parsons Style Hammered Indian Silver Dining Table – $4,000.00 

George Smith Norris Bench – $2,500.00 

Global Views Wall Mirror – $598.00 

James Jennings Ebony Lacquer Three-Tier Side Table – $500.00 

Antique French Inkwell – $225.00 


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