Transform Your Home from Blah to BOO!












Halloween sure does have a creepy way of sneaking up on you. One minute it’s a lazy Labor Day weekend, and before you know it, the store shelves are stocked with sugary treats. But fear not, unprepared readers. There are some simple, quick ways to transform your home from “blah” to “boo!” in no time. Check out these cute, cool, and ghoulish decorating tips to get you in the spirit. 


Who says skulls can’t be sparkly? Add some whimsical gore to your table setting with the obligatory decorative gourd and the more unexpected glitter skull and crossbones.



Nothing will get you and your guests in the Halloween spirit faster than a spooky, scrumptious cocktail. These black devil martinis are scary-simple: Just mix two ounces dark run with ½ ounce dry vermouth and garnish with an olive. Via Cooking Channel TV.



Host a goth-inspired dinner party with black lace curtains, blood red wine, and vintage candleholders shrouded in faux cobwebs.



Bring a Blair Witch vibe indoors by hanging lanterns and leaves from a tabletop tree. Candy apples and black and orange baked goods keep it light (can’t say the same for the life-size lady keeping watch). 


Twinkle lights aren’t just for Christmas time. A canopy of eerie illumination and a dining room forest of dark branches set the perfect Halloween scene.  



Sometimes the subtle touches are the most startling. Pop some black and white photos in a set of slightly askew frames and top the mantle with candles and cutouts for a frightening fireplace. 


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