An Ethical Bachelor Pad Transformation in San Francisco


















 A  San Francisco bachelor and tech guru was seeking a designer for his new apartment that understood the importance of keeping it simple and ethical while relfecting his love of travel. In came seasoned designer Lisa Staprans, known for creating emotionally connected residential and commercial interiors that are artisically driven. For this project she partnered with Artisan Connect, a marketplace offering high quality home décor produced by artisans in developing countries, to bring in a global feel. 


Typical to a modern bachelor home, the client owned a neutral pallete of furniture and accessories. By mixing and matching a variety product from tribes around the world, Lisa transformed the existing furnishings into a warm and inviting home that reflects the tastes and interests of the owner. 


Each piece from Artisan Connect enlivens and adds “pop” to the space and tells a story that the client has been collecting over many years on many trips to far away places. Overall the decor offers a soulful connection to those who created the frabrics, ceramics and more while supporting the economgy indigenous to their communities.  Truthfully gracious design! 

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