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A house is not a home without a designer touch, as was implied by the mounds of rich color and mixed prints that filled the space of West Hollywood’s Niche Beverly last Thursday night for the unveiling of the latest Missoni Home collection.

Wanda Jelmini, Creative Director of T&J Vestor for Missoni Home and niece of Rosita Missoni, was in attendance and ready to share with guests the importance of pattern and texture in interior design, while the stylish duo of BRANDON + CLIFFORD debuted a mock ‘MissoniHome Man’s apartment.’

From front to back the design boutique displayed luscious pieces from Missoni Home’s newest collection including a striking statement piece situated in the center of the space, a classic zig zag pattern Missoni sectional sofa. Not far off were shelves laden with Missoni candles in warming scents like ‘Mediterraneo’ (a blend of Calimyrna fig, birch leaf and Mediterranean lavender) and ‘Monterosa’ ( a combination of Mediterranean fig and fir balsam), cozy albeit chic Missoni Home throw blankets, umbrellas, bath towels, throw pillows and more.

As party-goers noshed on smoked salmon and polenta bites and sipped on sparkling wine from the nearby Petrossian, they also marveled at the outstanding prints and patterns that made up the new collection. The ‘Golden Age’ design took up space in the form of a loveseat and the latest ‘Garden’ collection debuted in the form of pillows and poufs, while a decked out bed featured sheets and accents from the ‘Patch Aquarella’ group. Needless to say there was no shortage of home must-haves or must-do hues.

Along with accent pieces were furnishings that would offer a healthy update to any space. A favorite? The cordula chair. Pieces like that chair speak to the Missioni Home philosophy of a home being alive and a constant evolution of style and innovation through sophisticated fabrics and vibrance.

The Missoni Home Man’s Apartment, featured Missoni Home pieces, such as the ‘Top 4’ Sofa, tassel drapes, lantern style light fixtures, earthy hues against the rich color scheme Missoni is famous for and an oversized vintage Playboy bunny illustration.

The latest Missioni Home collection, with all of it’s color magnificence and captivating textures and patterns, made it evident that Missioni is truly a household name. 

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