de Young’s Keith Haring: The Political Line Opening Makes a Huge Splash


Here in San Francisco, there are quite a few things we hold near and dear to our heart, but art and activism surely top the list for most. As a pioneer of both, Keith Haring left a lasting impression on this fair city with his bold approaches to raise awareness for the AIDS epidemic, among other things, and the opening party certainly did not disappoint his legacy. Complete with surprise breakdancing and an excellently executed bar, San Francisco’s elite came out in droves to celebrate the trailblazing artist.

Jeanne Lawrence, Joy Venturini Bianchi


Emily Walker, OJ Shansby, Stephanie Lawrence




Monique Jenkinson, Rahni Simpson, Jef Valentine

Showcasing 130+ works of Haring’s well-known gigantic paintings and sculptures to subway drawings and everything in between, this will be the first major Haring exhibit on the West Coast in almost two decades.

Kate Clammer, Adam Clammer, Lisa Zanze

Roger Barnett, OJ Shansby

Ken Fulk, Kurt Wootton

Catch this politically-charged exhibit at the de Young until February 16, 2015.



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