Tech Obsessed: LikeThat Décor App


In a time where almost everything is becoming more image-based, LikeThat Décor is a pioneer in the field of visual shopping aids. Connecting top-notch visual search technology from Superfish with celebrated designers like Lisa Staprans, Tobi Fairley, Donna Hoffman, Celerie Kemble, and many others to create online galleries, they’re showing just how useful visual search can be.

Not familiar with the product? That’s ok, it’s fairly simple to digest. All you have to do is snap a picture of an item you’re interested in and LikeThat Décor aggregates where to buy the same or similar items. Kind of genius, right? No longer do you have to do the Pinterest keyword shuffle to find that armchair of your dreams and according to Superfish CEO Adi Pinhas, consumers are really loving the app with “a quarter of the search sessions lasting more than 10 minutes,” and “in reviews, the average rating is 4.6 of 5.”  Pretty impressive engagement for a newbie on the block.

Could they be on to something big here? Pinhas sure thinks so. He says, “No one else lets you use a picture that you take or an image you find online to search for like items. With Pinterest, you have to come up with words to capture a look and feel, which can frustrate the search process. Also, we are taking inspiration one step further by enabling people to “click to buy” immediately when they find an item they want.”

On working with Lisa Staprans, Pinhas mentions, “Lisa Staprans embodies a clean, worldly aesthetic that is celebrated here in California and beyond. Our goal is to give consumers a great experience by exposing them to a wide range of sensibilities and design approaches. Our partnership with Lisa Staprans offers consumers all the benefits of Superfish’s visual search technology along with world-class tips and inspirations from Lisa.”

While adding more famous designers to their roster is on the immediate horizon, features like inspiration rooms are also in the works. For those pining after their next home decor item, and with virtually no competition in the app marketplace yet, you can rest assured that there is indeed an app for that now, and this is clearly the best one.

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