Industry Insider: San Francisco Approves HERO Program


Some big, exciting news just broke. Starting in Spring 2015, San Francisco property owners will be able to apply for the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) and Property Assesed Clean Energy (PACE) programs. What exactly does this mean? Well, after several delays, it means that San Francisco will now finally be joining several Southern California cities as well as San Mateo, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Sonoma Counties in welcoming opportunities for energy efficient home upgrades. Through GreenFinanceSF, homeowners will have access to HERO and two other PACE providers to obtain long-term, competitive financing through an additional property tax assessment. Payments are made through the property tax bill for up to 20 years and the interest is tax-deductible. 

“GreenFinanceSF will further cement San Francisco’s national role as a leader in reducing the adverse effects of climate change, and make it easy for residential property owners in our neighborhoods to make energy efficiency and water conversation upgrades to their homes while creating good, local jobs on local projects,” said San Francisco District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell.

Leading the country in energy conservation and efficiency, this is just one more step forward for the City by the Bay. For additional information, visit HERO’s website

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