Petal Pusher: Lush Floral Arrangements To Upgrade Your Space


California winters aren’t typically filled with woes, but when they are, the proper pick-me-up is likely to be just outside your door. We’re talking about flowers. Nothing does a greater job of brightening a space than a vase that’s aptly filled with fresh blooms. From peonies to hydrangeas, wildflowers to succulents, flowers are more than a centerpiece, but an art piece in their own right. But as wonderful as a table marked by fashionable flowers can be, the arrangement process never ceases to challenge even the most design savvy dwellers. We’re delivering a few tips and tricks that’ll not only having you have feeling like a floral-genius, but will leave you with covet-worthy creations.


Stabilize your blooms.

Rather than getting upset that your flowers won’t do the right thing and stand up straight, use a hack. Use clear cellophane tape and create a grid across the top of your bowl, vase, or jar. This will keep flowers from falling over and help to create a more full look.


Play with texture.

Sure the uniform look is lovely, but we all know that variety is grand as well. Use various shapes, colors, and types to add dimension to your arrangement. Bunch more dense flowers with light sprigs. 



Open them up.

Open closed blooms with this little trick. Start by cutting your flowers at a 45 degree angle, then place flowers in a glass filled with warm water. Wait one minute then move the flowers to a vase filled with cold water for 20 minutes and watch them bloom.


Twist of the wrist.

Create beautiful twist bouquets with lush roses. First, insert your first stem into the vase and then place the next stem across it. Continue placing one stem over the next until the glass is full. Et voià! A lovely bunch of twisted roses.


Dark floral darling. 

Floral arrangements don’t have to be just big pink blossoms or feminine bunches. Make flowers cheerful, but use masculine, darker varieties like black calla lilies, thistle, berries, and scabiosa pods for a different look. Choose a more sultry vase option, like matte black or pewter, to bring it all together.



Flowery cocktail.

With a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar you’ll prolong the life of your flowers. Once blooms start going south, add a shot of vodka to their water and the stems will stand up for another day or two.


Small but mighty.

Mini arrangements are great for placing all around your space and they’re easy to create. Grab a small bowl, some floral foam (available at most craft stores), hydrangeas as your base, and smaller flowers. Fill the bowl with hydrangeas, then fill in the gaps with ranunculus, freesia, tiny roses, soft green sprigs, or whatever else your heart or mood desires. Some stems may be longer than others, but that’s the beauty of mini arrangements.  



Vase time.

A stylish vase can make or break your arrangement. Have fun and be adventurous with your picks. Everything from teacups to dessert cups works for smaller blooms and succulents. Opt for rustic pitchers or mason jars for longer stem flowers. Or keep with the classic glass vase, but play with shape and size.


Now that you’re feeling inspired, run, don’t walk, to your local farmers’ market or flower mart. Start gathering pretty picks and transform January from dreary to bright and delightful. For those of your bud-lovers who can’t stand to be bothered with the DIY route, here’s a list of florists that we believe have the magic touch.


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