Tech Talk: August Puts Security In The Palm Of Your Hand


Whether you have multiple homes or just one, security is serious business and the tech world is stepping up to meet this challenge head on. While there are plenty of “smart locks” on the market these days, no one blends design with technology quite like August. By combining the trifecta of a well-designed lock mechanism with a mobile app (that has a great user interface by the way) and an additional feature called the August Connect, you’ll never wonder who’s traipsing through your front door ever again. Control who goes in and out of your home, lock doors remotely, receive alerts when people leave or arrive, review log records at any time, and plenty of other features. Perhaps someday traditional key systems will go by the wayside, so might as well hop on the smart lock bandwagon now. Check out more information on August Smart Lock and August Connect on their website


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