EcoChic Heads To California


California is a mecca for sustainable style, and Los Angeles is about to get even more eco-friendly sophistication as it becomes the new home for Vancouver, British Columbia brand EcoChic Lifestyles

Founded by Megan Risdon in 2012, EcoChic manufactures wood and metal furniture and home furnishings made from reclaimed tropical fishing boats and former bridges. Since its inception two years ago, the company has gained a massive cult following, catering to customers with a passion for high-quality, colorful pieces infused with a rich history.

Risdon was inspired to switch gears from real estate to full-time entrepreneurship when she happened upon a mirror framed in reclaimed tropical wood and fell in love with its unique colors and grains. The one-of-a-kind find inspired her to read up on the uses of reclaimed wood, and she uncovered a treasure trove of stories; Indonesian fishermen and their families were creating decorative home art from the salvaged materials of their destroyed boats following the 2004 tsunami. Heartened by their hope and spirit, Risdon launched EcoChic Lifestyles as an homage to the families’ ability to transform disaster into beauty.

The straight and solid teak that make up EcoChic’s upscale interior and outdoor furniture pieces  ranging from large consoles to smaller mirrors and wall panels  are sourced from fishing communities in Southeast Asia where families creatively decorate their boats. The company carefully preserves the original paint patterns while cleaning and treating the materials, and crafting each piece by hand. The local sourcing and manufacturing provide jobs and resources to Southeast Asian communities, and now the company’s do-good edict is spreading all the way to its new facilities in Chatsworth, CA.

No matter where you live, check out EcoChic’s distinctive designs at; the company ships worldwide, and can fulfill custom orders of any size.

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