Tech Talk: 8 Cool Gadgets To Pre-Order Now


This piece orginally appeared on Domaine

Love to be ahead of the curve? There’s a crop of cool new hi-tech gadgets on the horizon that we guarantee you’re going to love. From a GPS that promises a safer (and rather sci-fi) commute to a showerhead that will cut your water bill (and save the planet!), here are eight innovative products you should pre-order now—before everyone’s doing it. 

1. EVA Smart Shower. EVA, $109, is a smart-shower device that saves up to 50 percent of your water usage via sensor technology. Controlled by a smartphone app, the device can be calibrated to accommodate different showers, shower heads, and user preferences. The app can also track your water usage, habits, and savings, providing you with valuable information that can help you conserve even more.

2. SmartMat. Love the ease of practicing yoga at home, but miss the guidance of a class instructor? SmartMat, $299, is equipped with pressure sensors that monitor and analyze your poses and balance. The accompanying app, which can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet that can be mounted at the front of the mat, acts as a coach.

3. Navdy. The future is now, ladies and gentlemen. Navdy, $299, is essentially a mini projector that syncs with your phone and beams GPS directions onto your windshield so you can always keep your eyes on the road. It can be activated with hand gestures or simple voice commands. 

4. Ringly. This fashionable cocktail ring, $195, (available in emerald, moonstone, onyx, and more) is actually a wireless alert system. Whenever you get a call, text or email, it’ll let you know with a gentle buzz. Using the corresponding app, you can customize the ring’s vibration patterns. This is some James Bond type of stuff. 

5. Seatylock. Seatylock, $85, is a bike seat that doubles as a lock. Once you’ve parked, lift the saddle off the frame, unfold hidden chain links, wrap it around a rack and lock it into place. Perfect for commuters who prefer a lighter load. 

6. Ampy. Ampy, $85, straps to your arm during a workout, and uses your own kinetic energy to charge your phone. The more energy you exert, the more energy you create. Once you’re finished jogging (or biking, walking, or dancing), simply connect your phone to Ampy with a USB cord, and it will start charging automatically. 

7. Wonderwoof. Designed as a way of staying connected to your dog no matter where you have to be, this on-collar device, $99, tracks the location of your pet and can tell you whether he or she is sleeping, walking, or playing while you’re away. 

8. Fuz Designs Noke. This smart lock, pronounced “no key,” is an Android-, iOS-, and Windows-compatible padlock that pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth, letting users unlock it with a tap of the app. Forgot your phone? The button-less device, $59, can detect Morse Code-like taps, so you can open it even without a paired device.

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