Sweeten Delivers Small Space Storage Tips


By Jean Brownhill Lauer, CEO and co-founder of Sweeten, an online matchmaking service for homeowners and renovation professionals

Building functional storage space into home renovation plans can be an easy step to overlook. Well-designed storage, after all, should be well-integrated and blended seamlessly throughout your home, as invisible as it is efficient. With just a few feet of wall, window, or corner space, plus great design and some expert craftsmanship, even the tiniest of homes can make room for efficient storage. Here are five of our all-time favorite small space storage solutions.


Embrace Floating Storage 

Floating shelves, cabinets, and drawers are smart ways to create minimalist storage that fits any room. This combination unit (above) brings a custom desk, deep clothing drawers, open shelving, decorative display counters, and a concealed media center to a compact studio apartment, and helps unify the room overall. 


Transform An Awkward Corner

Rounded corners and asymmetrical rooms might not be the most obvious places to build customized storage space, but a carefully-designed closet can be a game-changing asset here. Adding mirrored doors, like those in this Manhattan condo, make the room feel bigger and brighter while still carving out critical storage space.

Take Advantage Of Unused Space Behind Entry Doors

This gorgeous piece could be half its size or twice its size, either way it is completely customizable and makes a bold design statement with minimal material and a non-existent footprint.


Light From Within

The right storage for the right space can mean lots of different things, but all options benefit from a bit of extra lighting. Go big with an art display wall, custom clothing storage, and a niche sleeping wall unit, all lit from within. Your choice of material will define whether your storage is intended as a statement piece or to delineate living spaces in an otherwise tiny home.


Add Multi-Purpose Features

Even in a home with an unusual layout or limited square footage, sleek storage can double as shelving or seating, without cutting into the room’s flow or open layout.

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