Tech Talk: NEEO The Thinking Remote


Remember when that all-in-one remote came out years ago and we all jumped to connect our cable box with our TV? Believe it or not, remotes haven’t upgraded much since that point…until now. NEEO stepped onto the playing field only just recently as a Kickstarter campaign (seeking $50,000), but was funded an epic $1.5+ million in record time. Boasting a “brain” that connects all your favorite gadgets (like Sonos, Roku, Apple TV, Nest, etc.) and a remote that blends touchscreen with tradtitional remote tactile feedback for features like controlling lights, blinds, music, movies, or TV. NEEO has also introduced an interesting new patent-pending hand detecting technology (that we may see more of in the near future) and has thought through many user experience scenarios like enabling parental controls and developing the system to last months without a charge. Clearly the demand for this product is high and it’s now currently in production and available for pre-order. Check out their site for the technical specs and more information.

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