Tech Talk: A Sound System For Audio And Design Lovers


This piece originally appeared on Design Milk

Gone are the days of large bulky, speakers. Instead, there are creations like the MM01, a sound system that’s not only highly functional, but also looks good while doing it.

Mexico-based furniture and interior design studio mob partnered up with Margules, a studio that designs high-end audio equipment, to create a piece that doesn’t disrupt, but flows in the space it sits in.

 The bluetooth sound system has all the bells and whistles you need, including two RCA inputs, meaning you can plug in many devices, even a turntable! For those audiophiles who also love records, the MM01 has a marble shelf with turned brass spikes that can support a turntable and play vinyl.

MM01 can be mounted or remain freestanding, and is made of solid veneered walnut.

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