Social Style: Emily Henderson On Instagram


Have you ever scrolled through the “Explore” page, peeked at what others are liking, and found an image that you just want to jump inside of and live in forever? That’s the feeling that comes with discovering designer, Emily Henderson’s Instagram.


Her story? She’s an LA based designer and HGTV Host (and current Target home spokesperson) whose signature aesthetic blends high-style with functional furnishings and tops it off with a vintage or antique something (a room is soulless without it she says). She believes in design magic and that you only achieve design magic when a space is a reflection of comfort and the things that truly make the dweller smile. Emily is a mom too, to a sweet little boy who goes by the name of Charlie.


One glance at Emily’s Instagram and you’re hooked. No doubt that this girl is all about warmth and joy. Her snaps range from pretty vignettes of her own projects like a shot of a mid-century credenza that’s framed by a lush plant, outfitted with books, objects, and pulled together with a little help from an ultra-glam art piece. Or you’ll find how out just how stylish navy and gold fossil skeleton wallpaper really is. And of course there are snaps of cozy bedrooms, tranquil bathrooms, cheerful dining rooms where gold and silver make nice with navy, and inspiration galore. You’ll even catch Emily shopping at the flea markets and that’s always fun.


And just when you think it couldn’t get any more blissful, Emily tosses in a snap of Charlie (who accompanies his mom on design missions from time-to-time) or her husband Brian, or a family photo and you’re reminded of just how swell she is.


So tap “Follow” and start giving your “hearts” to Emily. She’ll make your day and your feed a little brighter.

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