Tech Talk: Breather App Gives You Space When You Need It


The culture of mobile-based sharing is certainly not new at this point. There are carpool services with Uber and Lyft, dog boarding with DogVacay, parking with Park Circa, and so much more. Taking a practical spin on the flat sharing of Airbnb and the collaborative workspace of WeWork, Breather has stepped into the market with an interesting (and a most enticing) offer. Browse the spaces available near you on their app and for an average of around $25/hour, a beautifully outfitted room (commonly with libraries, lounge furniture, etc.) can be your private getaway from the chaos of your daily grind. Use it for a private meeting with friends or colleagues, consider it your personal office for the day, or just escape to take a nap in a serene environment. There are 30 minute gaps automatically scheduled between reservations for cleaning and locations available all over San Francisco now with more cities coming soon (it’s currently also in Montreal, Ottawa, and New York). Check out their site for more info. 

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