Tech Talk: ThermaSol’s MicroTouch Steam Shower Innovation


Steam showers have always been a coveted bathroom luxury, but what’s a steam shower if you can’t quite get the temperature to your liking? ThermaSol’s already been at the forefront of steam technologies for years, but now they’ve taken it one (giant) step further with the MicroTouch. There are no buttons (using Capacitive Touch Technology like most of your other devices), you can recall your previous steam settings, change temperatures (with their infrared temperature sensing technology you can be sure it will be the most accurate reading), and even set timers so you don’t steam too long. Also compatible with their mobile app, you can get your steam shower started from bed and hop right in without waiting around. It comes in 5 styles and 14 finishes so there’s a very high likelihood it will match whatever fixtures you already have. Another intelligent step forward in the smart home technology sector for sure. For more information and to find showrooms where MicroTouch is available, visit their site

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