The Bookshelf: “Away At Home” By Jason Grant


Ever notice how that blissed out, post-vacation feeling seems to dissipate the second you step foot in your home and reality hits? If designer Mr. Jason Grant has his way, you’ll never have to lose that serene vibe again with the help of his new book, Away At Home.

According to Grant, living spaces are for relaxing and unwinding. Focus on textures, materials, and colors that help you de-stress. Photo credit: Lauren Bamford

Grant is all about transforming living spaces into sanctuaries, and Away At Home gives readers the rundown on how to create their own personal retreats.

Grant uses collected straw hats, market baskets, weathered wood, and picnic baskets to create the feel of a sandy beach vacation. Photo credit: Lauren Bamford

Drawing inspiration from road trips, chic hotels, beach houses, and more, the Sydney-based designer gives readers all the tools they need to translate the joy and calm of occasional getaways into everyday life.

According to Grant, it’s important to relax as hard as you work and bring playtime back. Photo credit: Lauren Bamford

A few major ways to infuse your surroundings with a sense of escapism? According to Grant, natural materials, soft fabrics, and organic shapes go a long way. He also guides readers on choosing a proper color palette, upcycling secondhand items, and bringing the beauty of the great outdoors inside.

It’s all about creativity. Grant encouragers readers to organize their favorite items in imaginative ways. Photo credit: Lauren Bamford

Grant is no newbie to the publishing world. His first book, A Place Called Home, hit shelves just over a year ago and the renowned interior stylist is aiming to duplicate its success with his sophomore guide.

Can’t get away? Make the world come to you by incorporating maps and other travel-inspired items into your décor. Photo credit: Lauren Bamford

Hoping to glean some home décor wisdom from the man himself? Catch Grant at one of several stops on his April book tour:

Los Angeles – April 1 @ Blu Dot Melrose

San Francisco – April 8 @ Blu Dot Valencia

New York – April 15 @ Blu Dot Soho

Austin – April 22 @ Blu Dot Austin

Grant says he loves to get away because it helps clear his head and always proves to be an adventure. Photo credit: Lauren Bamford

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