Seamlessly Transform Baby Gear Into Big Kid Furniture With Stokke Home’s New Launch


From sleepless nights to public tantrums, parents deal with an impressive amount of tough situations as their precious newborns grow into big kids. With the help of Stokke Home, upgrading outgrown furniture is at least one hassle that can now be avoided.  

The renowned children’s furniture and equipment company is set to launch the new Stokke Home collection featuring a modular, Scandinavian-inspired, multi-functioning nursery collection that’s designed to grow with children.

Consisting of a crib, portable cradle, changer, and dresser, the set reflects Stokke’s signature modern style and offers parents a simple solution to furnishing their growing kid’s living space through the years. The Stokke Home pieces fit and function together seamlessly, but are also great standalone pieces. Thanks to a variety of configuration options, parents can customize the set and expand as time goes on.

The $699 crib, above, comes with an adjustable mattress platform that can accommodate a growing child, and the removable side panels make sizing up simple. Too big for a crib? No need to donate the piece just yet—it converts into a sofa or playhouse for even more years of use.

The $359 cradle, above, isn’t just for babies. It can be used in the early days to soothe newborns to sleep with its natural swaying motion or attach to the crib as a cozy add-on.

The versatile changer can be arranged as a front-facing or side-facing station, and the $249 piece can be transformed into a play table once the diaper era is over.

The $529 dresser ties the set together with a timeless design that can last for years. Made of durable European beech wood, the spacious drawers offer plenty of room for clothes and keepsakes, and the top can double as a changing table.

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