The Bookshelf: “The Real Simple Guide To Real Life” by Real Simple


Anyone who’s weathered a quarter-life crisis knows that the 20s can be rough. Between landing a job, finding an apartment, and compiling a wardrobe composed of more than co-ed tees and Converse, it can be stressful, if not impossible to also stay fit, fed, and sane, all while staying out of debt.

Luckily, the super smart editors at Real Simple have penned a must-read manual for anyone attempting to navigate post-grad life. The Real Simple Guide To Real Life is a complete handbook for women looking to get a handle on their personal and professional lives, including home décor tips, without sacrificing their savings or sanity.

Whatever the dilemma, The Real Simple Guide To Real Life has solutions. Every aspect of food, shelter, and finances are addressed in the straight-up, honest language you’d want to hear from an older, wiser girlfriend. Need to find a place to live? Make sure you study up on the five signs your apartment will be a dud. Looking for the perfect job? Learn to write a resume that employers will actually read. Clueless in the kitchen? Master 10 essential recipes everyone should have in their repertoire.

The book gets real about beauty, health, and relationships too. A comprehensive guide to hormones, tips for staying in the present moment, must-have conversations to have with parents, fast fixes for beauty woes, and much more fun, important information fills the pages. 

With beautiful illustrations by Serge Bloch, the book also features advice from awesome young writers like Molly Antopol, Cristina Henriquez, and J. Courtney Sullivan, sharing wisdom they wish they’d had in their early years of full-fledged adulthood.

No matter your age, the smart, practical, good-humored advice in The Real Simple Guide To Real Life is worth investing in. And the eye-catching cover will make a lovely addition to your (expertly organized) bookshelf or (clutter-free) coffee table.

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