Social Style: Kelly Wearstler On Instagram


If you’ve been to the Viceroy (Palm Springs, Miami, Anguilla, Santa Monica), the restaurant at Bergdorfs in NYC, The Avalon, or The Tides in Miami, then you’ve experienced the gold-dipped and glamour-glazed style that is Kelly Wearstler. Simply put, she’s the queen of interior glam with high-profile commercial projects and equally excitable residentials.

But behind the happenings, the hot Melrose boutique, artist collaborations and handcrafted home accessories, who is Kelly? She’s a fun-loving wife, mom of two and dog owner who has an Instagram. Follow her. 

Ms. Wearstler is social. Very social. She’s a frequent Instagrammer with at least a post everyday. So what’s she posting? Everything we design-lovers want to know about.

Start scrolling and you’re going to get an eyeful with up close and personal images of Kelly’s projects from all kinds of unique angles. But what’s even more exciting is she’s constantly sharing her inspiration (and in turn inspiring her followers). So if you’re trying to think up a way to do up your bedside table, go to Kelly’s IG to find your answers. From cacti to palm trees, perfectly manicured gardens, spiral staircases, and marble everything, this designer dishes out ideas on the daily.


And naturally you’ll also find yourself loving her perfect vignettes of designing in LA. Which often includes the beach, whiteboards and serious coffee sessions.

But past the grand hallways, the stunning pink crystal accents, golden goodies and luscious lines of design, is Kelly’s room-warming smile and her family. She gives us a peek, just a peek, into her personal world with sweet family snaps, dog walks, and lots of laughs. Proof that even the “glammest” of them all loves to throw on a baseball cap, sunglasses and head out for a casual beach stroll with her boys (furry ones included).

Double tap every snap because really, how could you not swoon for KW?!

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