The Bookshelf: “Furnitecture, Furniture That Transforms” By Anna Yudina


Mash-ups aren’t just defined by your favorite songs from the ’80s all rolled into one. The ultimate design mash-up and must for coffee tables is here. Get hip to “Furnitecture, Furniture That Transforms Space” by Anna Yudina.

The 272-page book explores ways that furniture and architecture can do more than co-exist. Anna Yudina, founder and Editor-in-Chief of MONITOR, shows off architectural awareness where shelving, storage, seating, macro-furniture, and rooms-within-rooms reign supreme and approach space in a whole new way. Looking back to the famed Dom-ino House (1914) and looking forward at contemporary furnitecture pieces like Ptolomeo’s invisible bookcase and Makkink & Bey’s “Ear Chairs,” the book shows off the work of up-and-coming designers who expect a little more from space and how they beautifully manipulate architecture with functional furniture.

“Furnitecture” is more than 400+ lush images of a unique global design movement, it’s also a guidebook for both designers and enthusiasts as the work captures new methods and the new possibilities available to design as well as introduces us to concepts like macro and micro-architecture. All in all, the sights within are dynamic, just as a mash-up ought to be. And when someone is giving the scoop on expandable kitchen cubes and a “Briefcase House,” trust us, you’ll want to listen.

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