Tech Talk: Save Water, Energy, And Money Thanks To Oakland Startup, MeterHero


With Earth Day right around the corner, conservation should be at the top of everyone’s minds, but if doing good for Mother Nature isn’t incentive enough, imagine getting rewarded for your everyday ecofriendly deeds.

Imagine no more. Thanks to Oakland-based startup, MeterHero, you can actually earn cash rebates whenever you save water and energy. The premise is simple: MeterHero syncs with your utility bills to calculate savings. Track readings on your phone, integrate your utility account, and connect a smart sensor to learn the best ways to save. As you conserve, you accumulate cash rebates sponsored by the company’s corporate partners.

What’s in it for these generous funders? MeterHero creates exchanges for water and energy savings allowing individuals, organizations, and companies to fund rebates to offset their own usage, meet sustainability goals, and increase conservation in their communities.

The easy-to-read dashboard gives users a bird’s-eye view of utility usage and allows you to add meters from multiple buildings, share data and rebates with family, roommates, or coworkers, and get tips on maximizing your savings. It really does pay to save.

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