Cory Martin Sets The Spring Table Using Oscar de la Renta Home’s New Collection


By: Cory Martin

Every summer I have the privilege of producing Mediterranean themed events for my private clients. It gives me the opportunity to work with such beautiful colors, try delicious food, and sample some amazing drinks. I always start with my favorite color, sky blue. From there I will add sea green and warm terracotta. You can also mix and match various lavenders and yellows depending on the look you are trying to create. Using Oscar de la Renta Home’s new collection, this is how I would set the spring table. 

Artichoke Pitcher by Oscar de la Renta Home

To start off any good event, you need good drinks. I suggest a Summertime Sangria. This is the perfect pitcher to place in the center of the “Caned Octagonal Pinecone Tray” (below) or the “Caned Tile Tray on Stand” (also below) surrounded by glassware for guests to help themselves. 

I would also garnish the Summertime Sangria with a little food art. Here’s my favorite recipe:

Summertime Sangria Recipe

– dry white wine

– white cranberry juice

– sliced green apples, red apples, yellow apples

– whole cherries

– whole blackberries

– whole strawberries

Caned Octagonal PInecone Tray by Oscar de la Renta Home

The “Caned Octagonal Pinecone Tray” (above) is also perfect to serve a beautiful assorted hummus and pita display on any table. You may also want to use the “Artichoke Cereal Bowl” (below) either next to the tray or on the tray for the perfect homemade artichoke dip. Here’s my favorite recipe:

Kale, Artichoke Greek Yogurt Dip

– Greek Yogurt

– Chopped Kale

– Chopped Fresh Garlic

– Chopped Fresh Purple Onion

– Mediterranean Sea Salt

– Chili Powder

– Artichoke Hearts

– Honey (optional)

Artichoke Cereal Bowl by Oscar de la Renta Home

Bamboo Brass Bottle Opener by Oscar de la Renta Home

This is the perfect accessory for any bar, specifically a bamboo or wooden bar. Being brass in color, it will easily stand out as something almost too beautiful to use when opening your beer bottle. 

Scallop 11-inch Round Dinner Plate by Oscar de la Renta Home

Artichoke Salad Plate by Oscar de la Renta Home

You cannot have a Mediterranean party and not offer an abundance of delicious food. Regardless if you are having a seated dinner or a buffet you must use these plates together. By combining the two different plates, you immediately add another design element to your table. It showcases your creativity along with your attention to detail. With the beautiful designs along the rim, it will make any dinner look beautiful and elegant. 

If your dinner is seated, then I would even suggest having the two plates stacked on top of each other as the guests sit down at the table. 

Pinapple Candlesticks by Oscar de la Renta Home

Every table MUST have candles. The Pineapple Candlesticks are beautiful yet unique…surely a topic of discussion at the table. With the brass base, I would suggest having a few on the bar next to the “Bamboo Brass Bottle Opener.”   

All products are now available online from Oscar de la Renta’s website. Cory Martin and CME produce all the events for Oscar de la Renta in Los Angeles. Learn more about Cory Martin from his website

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