Social Style: Kelly Behun On Instagram


Designers with Instagram accounts can go many routes with the kind of content they post. Designer and founder of kellybehun|STUDIO, Kelly Behun, takes the road that shows off her personal journey and inspirations. Start by checking out her Instagram.

Once you’ve joined the adventure, scroll, be amazed, and double tap.

Kelly makes no mystery of what makes her happy, and it’s her two boys. Every few posts and there are her two guys again doing fun things that you probably never did as a kid, like stand at the entryway of the BMW Museum in Munich, or walk along the walls of your mother’s all white living room. And Kelly has another little guy she loves, Kimchi her tiny pup, who makes an appearance here and there.

So if you’re interested in her personal life, it’s there, but if design is what you want to peek into, that’s there as well.

Kelly makes no secret of what inspires her stuff. See scenes from the beautiful mosques in Turkey to the sun-loving, sharp architecture throughout Miami. Kelly is an equal opportunist letting many join in on the journey.

Sky shots, cityscapes, structural beauties, art installations, all make the cut, but no snaps stand out as much as those of Kelly’s own work (furniture and some of the projects she takes on throughout the year) and her warm smile.

So if you’re up for an adventure, tap “Follow,” on her account. You’re sure to find pleasure on this road.


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