Tech Talk: Customize Your Walls With Instagram-Worthy Photos














Whether you’ve been making good use of your selfie stick, or simply filtering your favorite foods to look extra delicious, chances are you’re pretty proud of your impressive Instagram portfolio. Wouldn’t it be nice to put those photos on display IRL and let them live outside your phone? Now you can.

PicMe’s Multi-Pic Wall Mural is a self-sticking collage of square, Instagram-style photos that transforms your blank walls into floor-to-ceiling art created by a truly inspired photographer—you.

If the prospect of wallpapering your walls sounds difficult, and a little too permanent, fear not. The murals are removable and can easily be re-positioned to smooth out creases, air bubbles, or misalignments. Best of all, the murals don’t leave any sticky residue, so when you’re ready to move out, you’ll leave no trace of your decorating prowess.

Whether you’re creating a bold accent wall at home, a poster for work, or a dramatic backdrop for your next Instagram photo shoot, you’ll want to check out PicMe’s site at And of course, follow them on Instagram @picmestore

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