The stARTup Art Fair Kicks Off

The art world is abuzz this weekend in San Francisco, and there are some great ways to experience contemporary art. At the Hotel Del Sol in the Marina, just steps away from Art Market, art lovers can check out art in the intimate setting of a hotel room at this year’s first annual edition of stARTup Art Fair. 
Billed as the “Independent Art Fair for Unrepresented Artists”, this fair is all about giving artists who don’t currently have gallery representation (a lot since so many galleries are closing) a place to show their work. Over the course of three days, Hotel Del Sol, a Joie De Vivre hotel, will have an artist behind each of its doors, and guests are invited in to talk about the work directly with its maker. Six California arts non-profits will also be exhibiting during the fair, and the panels and tours will run almost back to back over the weekend to create a packed event for the both the eyes and mind! More information about the artists and events can be found at
“Untitled (yawn)” by Mitra Fabian, Clay, 2014

 At The Manicurist” by Kathy Aoki, linoleum cut with watercolor, 2012

“Untitled”by Diane Pierce, Archival Pigment Print, 2007

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