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Tech Talk: Ringly Is Wearable Notification Under Glamorous Guise


This piece originally appeared on Design Milk.

Maybe you’re old enough to remember a time when people used to tie a piece of string around their finger as a reminder. That’s the closest approximation of what Ringly brings to this era of Google calendars, messaging, emails, and maybe even the occasional phone call. It’s technology which doesn’t look like technology at all, reminding how quickly tech is increasingly expanding into the realm of fashion. 

Designed under the guise of traditional jewel-adorned rings, the attractive semi-precious stone pieces hides a light and vibration notification feature, wirelessly communicating via an app-enabled smartphone. In this way Ringly allows wearers to stay connected via Bluetooth LE, but only as needed. Users can keep their phones put away in pocket, purse, or drawer instead of always distractingly in hand. In this sense Ringly is a functional fashion accessory which severs obsessive glance-every-minute habits, yet looks attractively like any other piece of jewelry, the primary motivation of founder Christina Mercando to “make technology beautiful“.

The Ringly app supports notification for iOS and Android phone calls, texts, emails, out-of-range-from-phone notifications, calendar alerts and social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, and Uber.

Alongside notifying wearers using customizable light and vibration patterns for incoming calls, messages, and updates with from up to 30 feet away, Ringly aids in the event you accidentally leave your phone. The rings are also waterproof, with a battery life between 24-48 hours during normal use. A smart detail is the ring case in which each Ringly is shipped operates as the device’s charging station.

At the moment Ringly’s sole feature is notification from phone to finger. But the developer hints at “additional functions in the coming months”, like unlocking car doors, sleep tracking, or wireless pay. The question will be whom will be the first person to propose with a Ringly…and will they say, “yes”?


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