Ashton Kutcher Surprises Mom With The Basement Of Her Dreams


This piece originally appeared on Houzz.

Most of us have one place we can truly call home. For actor Ashton Kutcher, that place is in Homestead, Iowa (population 148). This is where as a teenager he helped his stepdad, Mark, build the home in which he and his family lived when he was in high school. 

Ashton’s mom, Diane, and Mark still live in the home. Until recently, the house had a dark walkout basement with a windowless bedroom, unfinished storage space and a main living area filled with exercise equipment, several old recliners and John Wayne memorabilia. For many years, that’s where Ashton would stay when visiting.

Diane had been wanting to renovate the space. So as a surprise thank-you gift for his mom, Ashton, with the help of Mark, secretly remodeled the basement with her in mind, establishing a more contemporary rustic vibe, relocating the bedroom to gain two windows and creating a more family-friendly layout in the main living area that includes display space for her antique collection. There’s now even a clever canning room for storing her famous homemade salsa. 

Photos by Barkley Photography

Photos by Barkley Photography

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