Five Warm Weather Cocktails To Try


What’s a stellar spread and truly delicious eats without cocktails to accompany? It’s not a proper party in our eyes.

To kick off the summer season, we’ve found five fantastic cocktails to add to your Memorial Day celebration. You don’t have to be a master mixologist to make these happen, you just need to be good at following directions and have all of the proper bar tools to create these handcrafted sips. Whether you’re making single drinks or large batch libations, the key is to always use fresh ingredients like blueberries, strawberries, and peaches. And don’t be afraid of fresh herbs either. Garden goodies like thyme and rosemary work wonders for a handcrafted drink. Lastly, mix, shake or muddle with patience…don’t rush a good cocktail.

Sangria, mojitos, gin cocktails, who’s ready for something boozy and refreshing? Read on for more:

Blueberry Thyme Gin Smash

A sweet mix of fresh blueberry and thyme syrup, gin, and St. Germain make this a sip that offers a light, refreshing twist. Not to mention, it’s quite a looker. Recipe via Tide and Thyme.


Zinfandel Grape, Rosemary, And Gin Crush

Just when you thought grapes were just for wine, this cocktail proves you wrong. A luscious mix of zinfandel grapes, rosemary, and gin work overtime to create this seemingly complex, but fresh, piney cocktail that’ll go great with all of those backyard BBQ eats. Recipe via Bonjon Gourmet.

Paloma Cocktail

Maybe you’ve heard of the Paloma, maybe you haven’t. Either way it’s a fine way to enjoy tequila and grapefruit, two things that don’t always have the best reputation. Mixed with club soda, lime, and simple syrup and these two are a match made in cocktail heaven. Strong and delicious, as all libations should be. Recipe via Annie’s Eats.

Watermelon Mojitos

You’re no stranger to the mojito, but add in a little bit of watermelon for depth (and sweeter flavor). Take the same steps you do to make a traditional mojito, light rum, mint, simple syrup, but toss in large chunks of watermelon and muddle those. Mix, sip, and delight in the fresh flavor of summer. Recipe via The Vintage Mixer.

Cherry Peach Sangria

Sangria is grand. Sangria with peaches and cherries is just magical. All the usual suspects make up this sweet nectar (brandy, wine, club soda), but add in a few newbies, thyme springs with thinly sliced peaches and cherries. Serve in a large pitcher, grab a glass, and smile. Life is a pitcher full of cherries. Recipe via Eat Yourself Skinny.

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