Frame Game: The New Way To Display Your Memories


With smartphones, tablets, and notebooks photos don’t seem to get printed much these days. Instead they just live on our devices and age, sometimes being shown, but not really reminding us of the great time or story that goes with that photo. That’s changing.

With printing websites like Social Print Studio or Shutterfly, you can upload images from your device, pay, click, and enjoy old-school hard copies of your favorite snaps. Now, how to display them. There are over a dozen unique ways to show off photos, from the more traditional approach to the off-the-wall approach…literally.

A Photo Collage Poster from Social Print Studio lets you select your favorite snaps, from 50 to 200, and have them made into an oversized (20”x38” or 20”x30”) poster. They’re printed on high-quality photo printer paper and are designed to last. Social Print Studio even gives you the option to frame your poster for an additional cost. Why show off one when you can show them all?

Pick prints that tell a story and have them transformed into stylish round Coastermatic coasters. More than a way to show off some of your memories, but a real conversation starter if you’re hosting guests. Score a set of 4 super absorbent coaster for a few bucks and smile at this less-than-traditional, but exciting way to show off photos.

Investing in art is a great idea, but you can also create your own when you opt for Canvas Prints (with some help from Canvas Pop). The printing site takes your favorite photographs and turns them into oversize canvases and also gives you option to alter the photo with unique effects that may blend better with your design aesthetic. Select everything from smaller canvases to massive gallery size.

Gallery walls are traditional, but when you add pretty polished nickel frames, you get a uniform look that’s really hard to match. Mix and matching sizes adds depth to your gallery as does the various colors from the photos you’ll display. If your style is minimal, clean or modern, this ought to compliment your approach and add some warmth to your space.

Littles aren’t the only folks allowed to enjoy a mobile. Display your photos mobile style. Hang them from fun spots around your home. Granted, you’ll have to have them printed, but that’s no problem. Mix and match snaps that complement each other in color or content and delight in the tale it tells.

Swap a dated photo album for a photobook. These are fresh and fun because they can actually tell a story (and you’re free to add text). If you finally took a trip to Sardinia last summer and have 107 photographs, but nowhere to display them, this is the way to go. You can even collect these and start to create a library of your trips and memorable moments. It’s a book that’s all pictures, no words, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. 

Take all of your photos from a place that means so much and have them cropped and cut to show off your love and laughter in your favorite or home state with Love Location Art. Still traditional in the sense that it’s a framed photograph, but fresh and unique thanks to the charming state shape and rough edges.

You can hang photos on a wall, but why not try something off-the-wall with a clip art photo display. This 3D way to show off snaps is a unique approach and acts as a piece of art in your space. Dedicate a wall to several displays and see the beauty of your memories unfold. 

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