The Bookshelf: “Windsor Smith Homefront: Design For Modern Living” By Windsor Smith


Acclaimed California interior designer, Windsor Smith, brings her first book to life this season filled with neutral tones plus the crisp black and white contrasting design schemes we associate with Windsor.

“There are so many modern elements that co-exist beautifully with more classic pieces. Furniture should never look like it landed from another planet.” -Windsor Smith

Antiques are loosely integrated within Smith’s contemporary design aesthetic that Gwyneth Paltrow so eloquently shares in the foreword of the book, “Windsor’s talent was not only artistic, it was intuitive. Her goal was to create a space for us to love in, not just live in…”

“Giving the old a new perspective is critical to good design. The craftsmanship of pieces with a provenance makes them irresistible.” -Windsor Smith

Her vibrant and “oh so California” friendly personality comes through in every room. Make sure to look carefully as you flip through these pages, what appears to be casual and streamlined design is actually laden with layer upon layer of highly thoughtful architectural and interior details. Absolutely the new design book to add to your library and you can snag a copy here.

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