Create Bedroom Décor Conducive To A Better Night’s Sleep


By: Missy Tannen, President of Boll & Branch

We spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom, but it is typically the last room in the house people decorate. The rooms that guests are most likely to see are usually at the top of the decorating list, but sprucing up your bedroom is well worth your time and can put a smile on your face as you drift off to sleep. Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

  • Choose a peaceful palette: When it’s time to unwind and get some shuteye, the last thing you need is color wheel that screams WAKE UP! Make your room peaceful by avoiding sharp color contrasts and choosing tranquil tones of neutrals, whites, greys, and creams. Soothing colors can help you fall asleep faster.


  • Get rid of the clutter: There’s nothing restful about contemplating to-do lists, unfinished business, or half-completed craft projects at bedtime. Find another place to store your work or at least hide it away in a drawer or storage bin, out of sight means out of mind at bedtime, and you’ll sleep better if you’re not thinking about how to tackle a project.

  • Decorate those walls: Don’t reserve all of your quality artwork and creativity for the more public spaces in your home. Accent bare bedroom walls with details that reflect your unique personal style. Creative additions could include a painting, a neat stencil, soothing artwork, or architectural details like hanging barn doors or window frames.


  • Creatively frame your favorite memories: Photos can be a great way to decorate a bedroom, and when you find thematic connections in the print and framing materials, they can create soothing and stylish patterns. Experiment with metal and wood frames as well as black and white and color photos to complement your bedroom décor.

  • Don’t forget the flooring: It’s easy to overlook flooring, but since you’ll likely be barefoot in the bedroom more often than in the rest of the home, make sure your flooring is pleasing to your feet. Soft area rugs can make a luxurious addition to your bedroom and a soothing last sensation before you turn in for the night that helps you fall asleep faster.

  • Consider lighting in context: When choosing lighting for your bedroom, make sure you consider how it will look at night, since that’s typically when you’ll be using it. The right lighting can cast shadows that create a warm, intimate feel. Explore available dimmer switch and bulb color options to reduce harshness and promote relaxation.


  • Change your sheets: Can’t remember the last time you replaced your bedding? If so, it’s time for a change. Investing in quality sheets made from pure organic cotton will pay dividends in more restful nights. Organic cotton strikes the perfect balance between comfort and breathability, so check out signature bedding lines that will complement your color scheme and give you the luxurious comfort you need for a good night’s rest.

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