Tech Talk: Buy And Sell Items With Ease Thanks To Close5


If you’re ready to free up some space in your home, but the thought of selling your goods on Ebay or Craigslist is way too overwhelming, the Close5 app may be the ticket to finally taking the pain out of the process.   

Whether you’re looking to unload clothes, appliances, accessories, or more, Close5 makes it easy, and it keeps it local; the company believes everything you need and want should be available within five miles of wherever you are. With the intention of benefiting local communities and the environment, Close5 set out to provide a safe way to not only sell, but to buy goods, locally. 


The premise behind Close5 is simple: users snap a photo of the item they want to sell right on their smartphone—no price or description is necessary. Once they accept an offer to message privately and coordinate an exchange, both parties can meet in a public place to complete the sale. They also recently teamed up with Brit + Co to host an organizing project party.  

The app also has some major unique advantages that also protect privacy: users create public profiles so that they know who they’re dealing with, and they can message privately via the app to avoid exchanging personal information like email addresses and phone numbers.

To start selling and see what others in your area have to offer, visit

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