On The Block: Father’s Day Gifts For The Stylish, Thirsty Dad Who Likes An Occasional Cigar


What to get the Dad (or Dads) in your life for Father’s Day? Paddle8’s Gentlemen’s Accessories Auction makes the task so much easier with this online sale of vintage gifts assembled and curated especially for the occasion. In some a ways the sale is a glimpse into a vanished way of life, with offerings ranging from desktop toys to cufflinks plus a great selection of barware and vintage smoking items. Father’s Day is June 21, but the online sale ends June 11, so hop to it!

Let the old man channel Marcello Mastroianni in a sexy pair of ’80s vintage blonde Persols (above). In mint condition and never worn, Lot 54 is expected bring somewhere between $200-$400, or about the same as a new pair.

There’s a big selection of watches, but we liked this 43mm Glycine aviator’s watch (below) the best. The face of the 24-hour timepiece is angled so pilots could look directly at their wrist without moving it. Drivers will appreciate that as well. Lot 41 (AKA The Pumpkin) is expected to bring between $2,000-$4,000.

There’s a selection of cocktail shakers, but we covet this vintage Thirst Extinguisher, modeled after Victorian fire extinguishers. Lot 77 is expected to bring $2,500-$3,500. And yes, those are cocktail recipes engraved on the base.

Reminiscent of a time when ice was delivered by horse-drawn carts, this 3-inch sterling pair is a miniature of the massive iron tongs icemen once used to grapple big blocks of the stuff, and perfect for someone who appreciates life’s little details. The bidding on Lot 80 is currently at $100.

Whether gin or vodka, Dad’s martinis will always be more stylish with the olives impaled on these sterling golf club picks. Lot 96 is expected to bring fetch between $100-$200. A perfect gift even if he thinks golf is a good way to work up a chat.

If La Dolce Vita is father’s favorite film, this chic ’60s lacquered goatskin and brass ice bucket by Aldo Tura might be just the thing. Tura was a master of working materials like goatskin, wood, and colored metals into witty, sometime surrealist furniture and accessories. Lot 80 is estimated at $300-$400.

Home office Dad will be more organized with these paper trays in molded birch plywood. Lot 15 was estimated at $300 to $400, but bidding is now up to $650. Designed by none other than Florence Knoll in the late 1940s, back in the days when molded plywood was the latest thing.

There’s a selection of desktop toys that some executive-type fathers might like, but we’ll take this set of salesman’s samples from the esteemed Czech Modernist designer Jindrich Halabala (1903-1973) anytime. For scale, the sofa in Lot 17 is about 10 inches long. Made of chrome, wood, and Bakelite, the set should bring between $400-$600.

There’s a selection of collectible humidors, lighters and other smoker’s items. For those who appreciate the occasional cigar, a sterling cigar cutter from S.I. Dupont, the French manufacturer that’s been making luxury smoker’s objects since 1872. Lot 102 is expected to bring between $300-$500.

Paddle8 Gentlemen’s Accessories
May 28 to June 11, 2015

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