The Not So Secret Garden: How To Start Your Own Garden In An Urban Area

If you’re a city dweller, chances are your garden space is limited, that is if it even exists at all. Beyond herb gardens in the kitchen window, you don’t have many options, but that’s changing. Meet CedarCraft’s Urban Planter, the mini-garden must-have for seasoned gardeners and newbies.
After getting hold of an Urban Planter a few months back it was clear that this eco-friendly product is what every design enthusiasts needs to make their life a little more pretty and green. The stats? The planter is perfect for smaller patios, balconies and small (or large) garden spaces measuring 27″ W X 35.5″ L. What’s even more appealing is that you can assemble this Western Red Cedar goodie in about 10 minutes without any tools. 
Though our goods are still growing, you can see some of the things that are sprouting out of the planter. From flowers to herbs, the Urban Planter lets you exercise your green thumb (which can be a real workout as we now know) in a small space. 
So you have no outdoor space? Find a sunny spot indoors and set up your planter there. Grow some things that thrive well inside. That’s what we did and we managed to create a nice little vignette since the planter has a shelf for all of our fresh garden accessories because it’s all about the look.

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