Social Style: Mary McDonald On Instagram


If it’s sexy, if it’s beautiful, if it’s everything you ever felt you wanted in life, Mary McDonald did it. And she’ll tell you all about it through her perfectly curated collection of snaps on Instagram. Follow her for a little more sexy-glam-retro-fun loving design inspiration in your feed.


Mary is a design powerhouse and if you know design, you know her, but what you may not know is how she spends lavish holidays in Boracay, which are, of course centered around design, but also peppered with good times. Spend a little time on her feed and you find that Mary will snorkel, head to the local markets, and take time out for a lazy boat ride. She does the same thing in China, commiting to enjoying her vacations while filling them with laughter and observations of fine taste.


As much as you’ll love “off-duty Mary,” you’ll keep a special place in your heart for Mary the mega-designer as she shares with you her collections and renderings, her inspirations (Old Hollywood beauties for the win), and gives you a peek into her showrooms, shows off just what happens when she speaks on panels, as well as how she works the crowd when she’s book signing.


There’s really no end to the excitement that Mary McDonald’s Instagram feed gives, kind of like her design. How can you not want to follow a woman with a skirt to match the pillows she’s designed? So stop snooping and start following. Mary’s Insta will do for your feed what her designs will do for your space…make it so much better.

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