The Michelin Star Kitchen Staple Now Available To Consumers Is Here


Two revolutionary products from Irinox that have long been staples in Michelin star kitchens the world over are now poised to change the way we dine in. Each appliance was developed to ensure the best in long-term storage by preserving the quality, freshness, and flavor of your foods. The Freddy system is not only the first domestic blast chiller available to consumers, it also combines the storage functions of blast chilling, shock freezing, and a controlled thawing cycle with the heating functions of proofing—perfect for letting dough for bread and pizza crust rise—as well as a ready meal cycle that heats food at a preset time so that it’s ready when you come home. Freddy transitions seamlessly from refrigeration or freezing to precision heating with just the touch of a button.

For storing food, the Zero built-in vacuum storage cabinet reaches an incredible 99.9% vacuum capacity and allows domestic chefs to preserve their cooked or uncooked meals in special vacuum bags, boxes with lids, and in traditional Bormioli jars. Zero’s high degree of vacuum capacity extends the refrigerated life of foods up to five times while preserving its natural moisture content, fragrance, taste, and appearance.

With these powerful tools at your disposal, you can spend less time in the kitchen and let your appliances do the work while you enjoy the family. Irinox’s professional standard technology ensures that the home cook can enjoy the best that’s available in the great kitchens of the world while rediscovering fine, healthy, and nutritious food.

The Italian appliance manufacturer, whose sleek, minimal designs are as renowned for their elegance as for their groundbreaking technology, is one of the most cutting-edge brands representing Purcell Murray’s PM Portfolio group. The Portfolio group has been catering to the culinary passions of Americans for over 20 years, partnering with international luxury home brands to import, market, distribute, and sell each company’s innovative designs throughout the United States. For more information call (800) 457-1356 or visit

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