Aran Cucine’s Living-Space Cabinet Collection, Bella, Is A Gorgeous Extension Of The Kitchen


Modern and contemporary home layouts feature open kitchen, dining, and living spaces, but few kitchen designers have kept up with cabinet solutions to integrate these high-traffic spaces. Now there is Bella, a unique kitchen cabinet collection that also includes shelving and drawers designed to accommodate the needs of a living space, without looking like misplaced kitchen cabinets.

Bella cabinets and shelving are finished with a textural wood grain laminate made so that you can both see and touch the wood grain, plus each finish feels unique depending on the grain. For a more modern look, Bella comes in several matte, glossy, and metallic lacquer finishes.

The doors and drawers are all a sturdy 1 1/8 inches thick with an integrated channel handle. Solid to the touch, they are outfitted with Blum Intivo sliders and hinges for a soft close—no matter how busy your household gets.

Wall cabinets can open laterally or vertically and can be designed in with frameless glass attached to an invisible aluminum mount.

Bella’s unique living room shelving is designed to be an extension of the kitchen. The units are completely customizable and can be hung, freestanding, or totally open. They can be low to the ground, or stretch to the height of the room, so that you can make the space uniquely yours. 

The shelves are made with the same wood grains and lacquer finishes as the kitchen cabinets for seamless integration and they can also be fitted with doors or drawers. The shelves can be installed to rest on the countertop, perfectly inline with the drawer handle.

Aran Cucine put a lot of thought into creating this collection so that it’s especially fitting for any great room with an open floor plan, offering fluidity between rooms. The ultra-long cabinets—up to four feet long—will make an impression in any modern or contemporary home. 

Bella is available in the San Francisco Bay Area from European Cabinets & Design Studios, the exclusive Northern California retailer for Aran Cucine. ECDS offers comprehensive design services from interior design to professional installation. Their highly-trained designers work closely with clients on every step of the process, from inception through installation. They work with single-family homes as well as with architects and developers on multi-unit residential and commercial properties.

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