Tech Talk: Boost Your Home’s Energy IQ With Zuli Smartplugs


Describing the mind-bogglingly sophisticated capabilities of the Zuli Smartplug, many have name-dropped at least one family that would likely take advantage of the tech tool’s futuristic features: The Jetsons. The reference is understandable, the Zuli Smartplug’s ability to seamlessly unify the home and offer the user ultimate, easy control over all things comfort-related does seem light years ahead of its time.  

By just plugging the Zuli Smartplug into an outlet, connecting it to a light or appliance, and downloading the iOS app, users get full control over their home’s lighting, temperature, and more, all from the touch of their iPhone. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, the Zuli Smartplug eliminates the need for hubs or router configuration, and puts comfort control right in the palm of your hand.

While a single Smartplug can step up the cool factor of any room, the Smartplug Presence Pack can actually integrate and enhance the entire home. With Zuli Presence activated, any room with a Smartplug will know when the user is there or not, and will instantly adapt to the person’s presence, shutting off appliances when the room is empty in order to save energy. Users can also quickly and easily change the settings on lighting, temperature, and more, with just a tap of the app. Every light will have dimming options, and can be set to a specific daily schedule, along with other appliances, and the app allows users to size up their energy usage at a glance, in order to make smarter choices in the future.

If you’ve already outfitted your home with another high-tech home product, you can still definitely benefit from Zuli. The app allows you to control partner products like the Nest Thermostat, SmartGlass, and Logitech Harmony, and you can integrate Zuli Presence with them to really create a smarter, more harmonious home experience.

Zuli Smartplugs are available for $55 for a single pack and $150 for the Presence pack (3 Smartplugs). For more information, check out

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