Celebrity Florist Eric Buterbaugh Opens A Dazzling Flagship Boutique In West Hollywood


Renowned celebrity floral designer, Eric Buterbaugh, didn’t just open a flagship boutique to house his gorgeous services, he’s also partnered with fragrance powerhouse Firmenich to create seven unisex scents that may give Le Labo a run for their money. From violet to rose, lavender to jasmine, there’s something for everyone in Buterbaugh’s brand new boutique.

In collaboration with architect Ben Ballentine and design firm SFA led by Kara Smith, plus interior design refinements by Brigette Romanek of Romanek Getty, the stunning space set in the heart of West Hollywood also boasts a private garden with blossoming violets and an art gallery featuring work by Julie Fineman (above).

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco era, glossy white marble and rich brass are set against wood fixtures and ornate chandeliers are hung throughout. Every whimsical detail screams Buterbaugh and each room’s arrangements speak to the truly decadent overall experience. 

Visit: Eric Buterbaugh Florals, 8271 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

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