Social Style: Park Studio LA On Instagram

Jolene and Ben Kraus aka Park Studio LA, aren’t just husband and wife, they’re a dynamic duo of designers who have a way of creating electric designs that do more than light up a room, but light up lives. Their Instagram does the exact same thing.
When you stumble onto a designer’s page, you’re ready for impressive designs, behind-the-scenes fun and the lavish vacation or two. With the Park Studio pair you’ll certainly get all of that, but you’ll get some “baby love” too thanks to loving snaps of their new girl Arden.
The team who’s worked with some LA’s stylish (see blogger Cara Loren in her nursery) has what it takes to update a room and they’re proud to let you know just that. They’ve gotten good press and continue to make good design. No one seems to be able to get enough of their famed brass Berkley light fixture, us included. Next up: throw pillows and they’re offering a sneak peek via Insta.
More #bts you say? Jolene and Ben happily show off the nuts and bolts behind their fixtures as well as unveil newest members of the family…Perry pendant anyone? And how they prep for photo shoots.
A super cool curation of color, style, design, and bright lights is what they’re offering and we’re accepting. Consider Park Studio followed.

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