Tech Talk: Take The Pain Out Of Decorating With Savvy Home’s Furniture Finder


Some of us love the challenge of picking out the perfect piece of furniture to complement a space. And some of us…aren’t quite up to the task. Unless you’re a natural, design-savvy shopper, narrowing down the endless options can be overwhelming, frustrating, and more than a little exhausting.

But now, no matter which group you fall into, you can find the furniture your heart desires, even if your head isn’t quite sure. Savvy Home’s new Furniture Finder takes the pain out of home shopping, and holds your hand through the whole selection journey.

The process is quick and simple: just answer a few short questions about what you’re looking for including function, size, style, and features. Based on your answers, the Furniture Finder’s custom algorithm will generate a list of suggested products to suit your needs and tastes. No more wading through endless options: the Furniture Finder whittles down a plethora of products through just a few quick clicks.

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