Bare Bottle Wine Debuts Their Newest Design Collaborations And Concept Winemaking


Ever heard the phrase, “we choose our wine based off the label?” Well, San Francisco-based Bare Bottle has created an entire design savvy business off just this very notion. Launched only in April of this year, winemaker Corey Miller wants you to take a peek behind the curtain as he reveals the stories behind the makers (both wine and design) all while celebrating creativity.

Collaborations are curated by their small team of creatives and as they reveal their partnerships online, you can snag the limited-edition bottles and learn about everything from the design to the cork maker, and of course, the beauty inside the bottle as well. 

This dreamy combo project features high-profile designers and lettering artists like Jessica Hische of Titlecase, Don Clark of Invisible Creature (below), Erik Marinovich of Friends Of Type and Titlecase (below), Eight Hour Day, and more with world-renowned winemakers from the likes of Helen Keplinger, Aaron Pott, and others. From a blank bottle canvas to complete creativity, inside and out, this could be the next big thing in the wine world. To learn more about each makers’ story and to buy limited-edition bottles, visit their site here

Aaron Pott and Don Clark collaboration.

Helen Keplinger and Erik Marinovich collaboration.

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