Social Style: Madeline Weinrib On Instagram


Dahlia-obsessed, bright hue-loving, textile genius and artist Madeline Weinrib has an Instagram account, and if you’re as dazzled by the visuals as we are, double tap the “Follow.”

As soon as you get a glimpse of her feed, your world might be forever changed. She’s all about capturing color and exotic beauty. How? Well, mostly through her own work. She’s snapping photos of her famous pink and orange combo in the form of a chair, sharing a wealth of pink pillows, rugs, and throws that you’ll instantly crave, and showing off just how gorgeous her designs operate when used for a dinner with friends.

But Ms. Weinrib isn’t all about product promotion and sharing her work, she shares her inspiration too. Oftentimes you’ll scroll through her feed and come across queens (like Kirsten Dunst’s Marie Antoinette), Klimt, luscious oil paintings of royal types, over-the-top fashion inspiration, vintage photos from exotic lands, and a sunset here and there. So long as it’s grand and it’s swathed in rich color, Madeline is all about it. You can’t help but put a “like” on some of these.

Take trip into her studio, she’s not shy about that. See the flowers she’s picked out for the week, something she loves to share. Get friendly with her duo of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, both girls who are as obsessed with mom’s designs and travels as we are. 

Or just spend a day in her shoes, specifically the ones she created with Manolo Blahnik.

It’s true that Madeline Weinrib’s Instagram takes us on an exciting adventure into the mind of a textile designer and sometimes to Morocco, which is ok too.

So do yourself a favor, make your world a little bit more exotic, luxurious and color-drenched today. Follow Madeline. She’ll even bring you flowers.


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