Behind-the-Scenes of our Fall Issue, Design Living Shoot at Marianne’s


During an unplanned “crawl” from one packed hot spot to another, Anna Weinberg told the honest story of how she continues to bring passion, food, design and delight together, on a daily basis. 

As we explained to her our mission to encompass the California Home+Design readers with more engaging experiences that inspire to live and love life, through a design lens, Weinberg shared her passion and execution for the same.  From food and rosé, to husbands and 2-year-olds, she shared the story of the “push present”, husband James gave her after the birth of their bright-eyed Leo, was the amazing photo of the Rolling Stones, the original cover for the Rolling Stone’s Beggars Banquet album. After hitting nearly every topic, the idea was born to have the most fabulous dinner party celebrating Bay Area “design”  gurus, the people that also inspired the idea of the private salon that Marianne’s would become.  The portrait, hanging in the private room, Marianne’s at Cavalier, is also the creative inspiration for the design of this intimate, magical and exclusive space.

We began to assembly our own recreation of the famous portrait, as a design inspired dinner party with the greatest talent in the city. As the final version of the guest list printed, we asked Anna to tell us what each of these people mean to her and why she had hoped they would be seated at the exclusive table.

The Guest List…

James Nicholas (Anna’s Husband) – “My husband is the best at a dinner party, he is so kind and genuinely interested in everyone. He is also a fabulous cook.”

Ken Fulk (Designer of Marianne’s) – “The most magical person I know, Ken has designed a world that everyone wants to live in. He is very much a part of our family and has contributed immeasurably to the success of our brand.”

Tyler & Tolan Florence (Chef and Restaurateurs) – “Tyler and I have similar sensibilities, I really look up to him. His restaurants are beautiful and have such attention to detail, and his food always so delicious. I would get on a plane for that fried chicken. He and his wife Tolan bring so much warmth to the world and make you feel a part of their family. Nobody entertains like Tolan Florence…except maybe her mum!”

Greg Lopez (Maître’ d at Gary Danko) – “Greg is one of the last great maître’d’s in the city. He makes you feel like royalty with his knowledge and ability to translate what people what, which is what makes the Gary Danko experience so special.”

Anne Waterman (Fashion Executive) – “The most stylish woman in San Francisco, I want her take on everything. She has such a depth of knowledge and experience in fashion and design. I’m also obsessed with her sunglasses company, Westward Leaning.”

Will and Jen Wick (Designer and Design Industry Executive) – “Who doesn’t’ want these two at a party. They are so talented, gorgeous, and can hold their own when it comes to fun.”

Kendra Nash (Designer) – “I love my sister-in-law. We get into lots of (good) trouble together. And I’m so proud of the designer she has become.”

Emily Holt & David Nayfeld (Fashion Editor and Chef) – “The new kids in town from NYC.  Next year watch them run food and fashion in San Francisco…you heard it here first!”

Jennifer Puccio (Chef) – “James and I hit the jackpot, other than the obvious she’s a kickass chef, she is an incredibly hardworking and kind person. We still can’t figure out who can drink the most rose in one sitting…#goals.”

The evening shoot was packed with a casual elegance that only Weinberg and her fabulous circle can provide.  As Tolan Florence posted on Instagram, “You know it’s a good night when @KenFulk starts out on the dinner table.”

Much more dish to come from this dinner party and the talented guests, we’ll be profiling all month. Enjoy!

by Ali Grosslight

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